DIANE Hendersonville TN

Upholstery Education's Masters Development course was unbelievable! I didn't know what to expect but it definitely went above and beyond anything I could imagine.The planning and organization of Louise and the level of teachers provided was the best opportunity you can find in the United States ( and probably anywhere). Armand, Greg and Gareth are all so kind,patient and unintimidating which makes the courses a wonderful learning environment. Not only did they teach us the process and techniques, they explained the history and evolution and the reason behind the techniques.  


Loved Everything ! Thank you so much Louise, this course/ workshop was beyond what I thought I could ever do or know! 

I enjoyed it so,so much !


What's not to like ? It was really well run- I'm not sure how to improve. WELL DONE !

MATT Madison WI

If you are considering it, I highly recommend taking a course with Upholstery Education.

GREG Palm Bay FL

First time seeking professional education about something I care deeply about. I cannot speak highly enough about Upholstery Education's Three Masters program. I learnt so much that even stating it like this is a dire understatement. Best thing I've done to progress my upholstery craft in years! Professional polite educators to point out flaws and provide guidance.

If you take Upholstery seriously or are thinking of making a drastic jump in your skill of your craft then there really isn't anything better than Upholstery Education. Even if you only do modern upholstery this will drastically improve your skills.